The ACT Program

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The ACT Program

The ACT Program is approved as a Private Day School through the Arizona Department of Education. Student Placement in ACT may be funded in a variety of ways including District Funding, AZ Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program, Private Pay, and Private Educational Scholarships.

ACT School Vision

To provide school-aged individuals with autism, their families and support team, with the tools needed to successfully transition into the general education setting, while providing exposure to grade level curriculum and accommodations to support their sensory and communicative needs.

ACT School Mission

ACT (Assuming Competence Today) is committed to helping individuals receive an appropriate education and achieve rich and meaningful relationships with confidence and independence.  To this end, ACT School strives to


  • Expose students to grade level academics


  • Teach students how to accept and provide sensory support necessary for them to have functional movement in their everyday lives


  • Teach students how to functionally communicate in a variety of ways, including universal and individualized methods


  • Successfully transition students to a general education classroom at a school in their home district


  • Teach and train district staff on the philosophy and methods used to properly support the student in the classroom


  • Teach families of students with autism how to help promote independence through appropriate individual communication and sensory support at home and in the community

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Student Placement

Student placements for the 2017- 2018 school year are now available—download a brochure to find out more!


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