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All of the therapists at NMTSA hold the national certification credential MT-BC issued by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Additionally, all NMTSA therapists are required to obtain additional advanced clinical training in Neurologic Music Therapy® (NMT®) through the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy and to maintain Fellowship status with the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy throughout employment. Fellowship is maintained by attending NMT Fellowship training every five years, where each therapist must present their clinical work in NMT for evaluation by Academy staff and peers.

Clinical Staff

Suzanne Oliver
MT-BC, NMT Fellow

Founder and Executive Director

12/19/2022 Podcast with Joe Thompson

Daniela Zormeier
MT-BC, NMT Fellow
Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator

Leanna Moore
MT-BC, NMT Fellow
Clinical Training Director

11/07/2022  Podcast with Joe Thompson

Jessi Teich
MT-BC, NMT Fellow 
Neurologic Music Therapist, Fellow

10/24/2022 Podcast with Joe Thompson

Sadie Eitemiller
Neurologic Music Therapist

Administrative Staff                                                               Visiting International Clinicians

Cheryl Butterworth
Operations Manager

11/21/2022 Podcast with Joe Thompson

  Joseph (Joe) Thompson
  Neurologic Music Therapist
  (May-August 2022)



Podcast: Baselines in MusicTherapy

Mary-Clare Fearn
HCPC Certified MT, NMT 
Neurologic Music Therapist
(November 2022)


This Could Be You in 2023

   Music Therapy Interns                                                                            What Are They Doing Now?

Heather intern.JPG
Bailey Kracht
NMTSA Intern/Arizona State University
September 2022 - March 2023
Heather Wright
NMTSA Intern/Montclair State University
February - July 2023

Coming Soon......


NMTSA is extremely grateful to all the many volunteers that assist us throughout the year, and we appreciate those persons who have made long-term commitments to NMTSA, assisting us in IT support, administrative tasks, organizational tasks, board service, and/or session support/participation.  
                                  Thank you!

NMTSA partners with those impacted by disability to change lives through using the brain’s response to music, and optimizing body and brain connections.  NMTSA assumes the competence of all.


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