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COVID-19 Update:  NMTSA is Offering Both Teletherapy And In-Clinic Treatment for All Current And New Clients. Apply Online Through Our Regular Referral Process to Receive More Information, or Talk With Your Current Therapist For Details.
Individual NMT

Individual Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)® Sessions

The core service NMTSA offers is individualized NMT sessions. Sessions may be held at the NMTSA clinic or via teletherapy. Most often these are weekly, hour-long, one-on-one sessions with the client's regular NMTSA therapist. A new client will begin the process through an assessment, after which the therapist will create a specialized treatment plan, complete with therapeutic goals derived from the assessment session as well as parent/caregiver input. Regular sessions will then commence and the treatment plan is updated and evaluated on a regular basis. 

To inquire about receiving 1:1 NMT services through NMTSA, please fill out our Online Referral Form.



The first meeting between therapist and client is in the form of an assessment. The assessment provides and detailed evaluation of the client in three major areas: sensorimotor (ability to walk, start and stop movement, control of arms and legs), speech and language (level of communication, speech ability), and cognition (concentration, hearing, level of interactivity). A copy of the assessment is provided to the client's family/caregivers, as well as an explanation from the therapist.



After the assessment process, the therapist will create an individualized treatment plan for the client based on the results of the assessment as well as parent/caregiver input. The treatment plan outlines client goals that will be worked on during weekly therapy sessions. Every six months, an review is completed to update the treatment plan with accomplished goals, set new goals, and report on client progress.




During each session, the therapist will use various NMT interventions to help their client work toward the goals outlined in the treatment plan. For a description of what NMT methods are used for specific neurologic conditions, please visit our Who We Serve page. The final 5-10 minutes of each session is reserved for the therapist to update the parent/caregiver on what was worked on, the client's progress toward goals, as well as strategies and techniques to use at home during the week to help continue therapeutic progress.

Group NMT

Group Neurologic Music Therapy Sessions

In addition to individual therapy sessions, NMTSA also offers group therapy in settings of two or more clients.  Sessions may be held at the clinic, via teletherapy, or with contracting organizations in the community.  This allows participants to address diverse goals in an engaging environment and exercise various aspects of social interaction. 

Here are some of our current contracted groups!  See if one of these meets your need or contact us to create a new group. 

Music Making Connections at Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center (MAPC): A group NMT offering for those with Parkinson's, mostly focusing on movement, gait, and balance through drumming and rhythm. This group is currently held via teletherapy!  Details can be found at the MAPC website (click me!). 

Adapted Lessons

Adapted Instrument Lessons

Adapted Lessons are specialized private music lessons for individuals with disabilities.  Teachers are certified neurological music therapists who integrate therapeutic supports into the lesson to optimize learning. 

Lessons offered: guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, and voice



$45.00 per 30 minute lesson



To register, or for more information, please email

To learn more, download a our brochure on adapted lessons, or visit the Adapted Music Lessons Page. 

Social Skills Programs

Social Skills Programs

NMTSA periodically designs and offers a variety of communication/social skills programs created to meet the specific needs of the participants.


Connections Communication Groups for Diverse Communicators



For more information, please contact 


Online Consultation

Online Video Consultations

Through Zoom and other video conferencing mediums, NMTSA's staff are available to consult one-on-one with other therapists, school programs, caregivers, and parents worldwide. This provides a great opportunity for people without nearby NMT resources to collaborate and learn effective practical strategies face to face. Our technical staff is available to help facilitate the communication.



Email or call 602-840-6410, to discuss your consultation needs.

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