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OUR STORY....    
                40 Years of  Service !

Our Vision

Unleashing the unique potential of individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission

NMTSA partners with those impacted by disability to change lives through using the brain’s response to music, and optimizing body and brain connections. NMTSA assumes the competence of all.


Our Core Values


NMTSA believes in...

  • the capability of all people to reach their goals and attain their full potential.

  • the competence of all people.

  • the valuable contribution every person has to offer through their unique person and abilities.

  • the connection of science and relationship, and the impact both have on every person.

Our Story

Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona’s (NMTSA) vision is to unleash the unique potential of individuals with disabilities. NMTSA has provided services to persons with neurologic impairments (ages 18 months to 75+ years of age) and their families in the greater Phoenix area since 1982. 


NMTSA is nationally recognized for its evidence-based approach to treatment with persons with neurological impairments, and individuals with autism specifically. NMTSA and its staff maintain close relationships with clinical and research staff from around the world (with emphasis in NMT, competency-based communication, inclusion, and cognitive-motor disorders) in order to remain current with best practice approaches for the individuals served.

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