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ACT/Life Access

Life Access
  • Who- ACT/LA is a program of NMTSA. It is staffed by NMTSA employees. Individual offerings are geared towards individuals who are out of high school and seeking to further their education, work, volunteer, increase their level of independence, or      are seeking to enrich their daily lives.                                                                                                            

  • What- ACT/LA is an independence support program. After high school there are many different paths people can take. This program is designed to help individuals be more independent on whatever path they choose.                                                      

  • Where- ACT/LA offerings will be provided via ZOOM until the NMTSA clinic is open. Following the reopening of the clinic, offerings may be taken at the clinic in-person or remotely. Some offerings, like volunteering, may take place off-site at that location.

  • When- ACT/LA has offerings taking place Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 4:45 pm. Participants choose the specific time slots they are available for within those hours, and the specific offering times are made based on everyone’s interests and availability. Individualized programs are scheduled based on availability.                                             

  • Why- ACT/LA was created to provide better options to adults who have moved on from high school, but wish to   continue their education, work, volunteer, continue to grow in their independence, or improve a work, volunteer, or   educational experience. In addition to educational and vocational goals, ACT/LA strives to improve overall quality of life   by providing diverse offerings that promote communication, understanding, and engagement.

Evidence-Based Practice

ACT/Life Access is an independence support program offered through NMTSA, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  For over 35 years, NMTSA has been committed to the use of best practice approaches and to the continuous review of research related to neurologic impairments (autism in particular), education, and communication. 


NMTSA staff members maintain communication with a variety of individuals involved in autism research, and follow the most current information on brain-research related to autism and other movement regulation disorders.  NMTSA and ACT staff then utilize the standard, evidence-based practice model of integrating clinical findings and patient report/values with the most current empirical research evidence available.

ACT/Life Access Mission

ACT/ Life Access is committed to helping individuals access appropriate educational, work, and social settings, and to achieve rich and meaningful relationships with confidence and independence.  To this end, ACT strives to                                            

  • Support individuals in the educational, work, or volunteer environment of their choice.

  • Teach individuals how to accept and provide sensory support necessary for them to effectively and meaningfully function in their everyday lives.

  • Teach families and support teams how to help promote independence through appropriate individual communication and sensory support at home and in the community.

  • Teach individuals how to functionally communicate in a variety of ways, including universal and individualized methods, so that they can engage in post-secondary, volunteer, work, and family life environments with a variety of individuals.

  • Identify challenges and implement strategies to increase independence at home, in the workplace or educational setting, and in the community.

  • Successfully transition individuals into meaningful educational, work, and volunteering environments.

  • Support individuals to achieve more fulfilling and engaged private and social lives using clubs, groups, and individualized programs.

ACT/Life Access Vision

To provide individuals, their families and support teams, with the tools needed to promote access to positive life experiences that create lifelong learning opportunities and growth.

Want to Know More...

Check out these previous schedules and descriptions to get a better idea of what to expect. You can also reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

August Schedule

Fall Schedule

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