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"I am your average teen with above average hurdles."

"i am your average teen with above average hurdles i face everyday. i have autism and that sucks but not for the reasons you may think. first of all there is nothing wrong with me im not retarded and im not blind or deaf. i have a neurological disorder that causes my body to do things i dont want it to do sometimes. i look like your friend or neighbor unfortunately autism doesnt discriminate who it affects. i just want to reach out to those who cant relate to me. im trapped in a shell with no chance of using your thoughts to find your way out. im trying to tell my head to stay still but it moves around and when i want to move around my body freezes up. i really want others to know this isnt me this is autism. without a school like act i would have fell through the public school cracks. im so glad my family did what would be best for me. they know i have the best shot for success here and i bet you would do the same for your loved one. if i can give you one piece of my mind to take with you i hope you take from this a new way of looking at me dmico not my autism."

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