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Why School Is Important


“First of all school is pretty important if you plan on having any success in life. Education is

what makes you strive harder everyday. It is not easy but it is so worth it. I could not live in a

world of total ignorance. I am always looking to challenge my intellect. Any why not, what else

is there to do in this life. I am hoping to go to college after I graduate. I am aware of the

challenge but if you know me you know I’m determined to see this through. The thing I love

about education is the unique and individual interests it possesses.

Education helps open home home very much blonde otherwise. How much can we learn on

our very own? School ok to need lots more people to teach very well.. But in the meantime I

love being able to be a good student. By the way you are welcome to visit us any time. Thank

you for your time.”


“I believe school is important because it prepares me differently than house rules. People learn

only through experience. Knowledge is power and the classroom is the kingdom. I truly

believe that if everyone getting the right education talks about it others will crave their

education. This could be the start of positive outreach to those unmotivated.”

“The importance of the right education doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive school.

You need to find topics or subjects that interest you to keep you motivated. Only you can

determine exactly what it is that is important to you. To me English is crucial for success

however, being bilingual is beneficial. School is a place for me to expand my language.”

People just open your minds to get the education you need to excel. I know at times it can be

boring endless lectures, or projects, but we make our choices to listen to learn. In my polite

opinion education will set you up for success. So let’s keep at working hard and stay in school.”


“School is important because knowledge is power. I believe the secret to life is having a higher

level of understanding. So many scholars have paved the way for us, from Aristotle to the

students in my class. We all have a natural curiosity to seek truth and answers.”

“In order to live comfortably you need to have a decent well paying job. In order to have a

decent job you must prove you have a good education first. I would love to attend Morehouse

university because its an all male and African American school. So many black men have

graduated from there and have gone on to do great things. I can only dream of one day it will

be me to graduate from high school.”

“School is important for teens specifically it’s a great way to deter kids from gangs and a reason

to aim for success. Without a proper education, kids are more likely to lean towards gangs and

drugs, and violence. My family and I are striving towards life after ACT. I’m not sure where I’ll

end up but I do know I’m college bound.”


“School is important because it teaches kids to think and helps them learn new things like math

and science. It creates students futures by preparing them for college. It is important for

students to go to college because it will make them smarter and get them good jobs. School is

important in giving kids a chance to have fun and make new friends. It is important to be social

because it helps people create relationships.”

“I think reading and talking about books is great. Good talking helps good minds. I kind of like

to hear fun friends reading ideas. They make me think. I need to give my dear free ideas too.”

“School is fresh time from home. It is fun to be just me time. Great hope it gives me. I can go

all day here. There is lots to do."

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