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Fall Open House - Student Poetry

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The High School students were asked to choose a number, and incorporate that number into a poem to be displayed at the Fall Open House. Below is a selection of their poems:

Day in 24 hours by Marianne, 8th grade ”To live one day. Is you ready. To have 24 good laughs. Say really free 24 words. Use 24 hours to love. Ask 24 new thoughts. Free autism stuck. Easy day.”

In 45words by D’Mico, 11th grade “This for you who is autism. To know a feeling. To not have many ways. Silent is only option day. To not have truth seen. No one see me clearly. Clever is who I be. To take time and see. I am Mr. D’Mico may.”

Fifty Free by Sheridan, 9th grade “To know any freedom. Good to the feeling. I wish to always feel this. To be fly in high sky. Seal swimming in ocean deep blue. Open floating in space. Or flower blowing in wind. Fifty make memory of freedom. To say it make me easy. Happy older will make me breeze. Happy stress left no more after fifty.”

First favorite number by Isaac, 8th grade “The number 93 to be can be 31 times 3 equal 93. You can add or subtract. Take 3 away from 96 to make 93 a good fact. To you number not be cool. Not to me it is what I do for school. Take time to see. 93 is good to me.”

60 by Max, 11th grade “60 is time home to go. 60 is even to say so. You feel 60 will be old. I think you wish 60 was gold. 60 is great just you very see 60 yes is feel good even to me.”

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